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40th Year
College Gate ® For Kids CURRENTLY in Kindergarten through/including Grade 3
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College Academy ® For Kids CURRENTLY in Grades 4 through/including Grade 9

Parent Testimonials

We are happy to share with you some of the comments from our parents:

"My daughter attended College Gate for the first time this summer and loved it." - Joanne

"Thank you for providing my children with a wonderful summer experience. They thoroughly enjoyed the program and look forward to attending next year!" - Marsha

"My grandson had such a great time he wants to go again next year, couldn’t say enough about it. Great program!" - Helen

"Thank you for organizing such a wonderful program. Both my children are having a wonderful time at College Gate® & College Academy®. They learned a lot and made many friends." - Louise

"My daughter (Abigail) had a great time at College Academy®" - Lorna

"My kids had a great time this year at College Gate® in Maynard. They are already planning what they want to do next year!" - Qi

"I wanted to thank you and your whole team. My 2 sons, Matty and Benny had such an amazing 3 weeks! " - Amy

"My kids are currently at College Academy® and they are having a GREAT time!" - Emily

"Our 2 children have attended College Gate® & College Academy® for the past 2 years and love it! Thank you so much for all your hard work!" - Jane

"Our children attended the College Academy® program and greatly enjoyed the experience." - Subramaniam

"I am an Alumni of the program from 1990 and remember my experience vividly – I am looking to sign up my 11 year old son so he can have the same experience." - Tyler

"We have been coming to College Gate® & College Academy® for years and absolutely love it. The kids have a ball and learn too. Thank you for running such an excellent program." - Haidee

"Alan really enjoyed last summer." - Xiarong

"My daughter Sophie attended College Gate® and loved it." - May

"As usual, Grant will register again! He loves it." - Lei

"My two kids went there in 2015 and would like to go back in 2016!" - Xiaomei

"My daughter has attended the past 2 years and has LOVED the program." - Michelle

"Clark had a great experience at College Academy® last summer. He would like to attend again this summer." - Jinling

"My girls loved College Gate® and can’t wait until next summer!" - Rachel

"The boys are very excited for another session!" - Cory

"My kids have enjoyed the College Gate® summer so much every year." - Florence

"My kids have enjoyed the College Gate® summer so much every year." - Lindsey

"My older daughter attended last summer and loved it!" - Dana

"My nephew, Pakyin come from Hong Kong for your program this summer. Thank you for your wonderful Teachers and Counselors effort. Pakyin says that he learns a lot via the hands-on activities and had a good time with the kids from the USA." - Kam

"My daughter attended the first session and thoroughly enjoyed the experience!" - Jennifer

"My sister and I went to College Academy and loved it" - Amy

"My daughter Sarah enjoyed her three weeks at College Gate and I appreciated the special attention the staff provided. Thank you for a great experience." - Chris

"This is my sons second year and he loved it again and is already bugging me to sign up as early as possible for next year." - Jeanne

"Aaron and Isaac loved it last year and looking forward to this years’ experience." - Lana

"Our children had a wonderful time last year at your program." - George

"My son Alex was registered last year and loved the program." - Mark

"My nephew attended last year and loved it. I really want to send my daughter." - Paula

"My son attended College Gate last summer and really would like to participate again this summer!"- Lisa

"Our grandson attended the 2nd session last year and had a wonderful experience!" - Judy

"My daughter is so excited to see the new courses" - Cheryl

"My daughters loved the College Academy® program last summer and are looking forward to it again this summer." - Liz

"Looking forward to another fun summer program!" - Sara

"I attended as a child when the program was in Hingham, it great that I can now send my own child!" - Stefania

"My daughters two friends from China came to College Gate® last summer and really liked it." - Xiaoyun

"I wanted to let you know that my kids have many wonderful memories of all the years they have attended. They learned a lot and made some really great friends." - Tricia

"My children have been attending the College Academy® program for years. I have another child who would like to attend. Your summer programs have been greatly enjoyed in the past."- Susan

" I was in program as a child and now have 3 girls who would like to register for this summer." Mary

"My daughter has been asking me to sign her up for College Gate® this summer. My son did College Academy® years ago and had such a great time each year." - Kristina

"Thanks for the nice summer programs. My son loves them year after year." - Qing

"My son had a great time in the summer, he will definitely register again." - Ling

"My daughter has been in the program the past 2 summers and cannot wait to go." - Su

"We Absolutely LOVE College Gate®, keep up the great work and Jason is absolutely superb!" - Abhi

"I attended CA in Easton in the late 80s, what a great experience. I am looking into sending my son next summer." - Kathleen

"My daughter had a wonderful time and a very rewarding few weeks. She is eagerly waiting to go back next year. Thank you for putting together this creative, enriching summer program for kids." - Rekha

"My sons attended the programs this summer in Winchester. They had a great time. Thank you." - Joanna

"Our kids just had their second year at College Gate®. They had a lot of fun and thank you for another wonderful memory!"- Larry

"Great Summer! Thanks so much for making it a great experience." - Gina

"Looooved College Gate® and cannot wait for next year!" - Lynnie

"Every year I am super impressed with the pins at College Gate®." - Dawn

"My six kids attended your program last year and loved it" - Dayna

"I went to College Academy® myself for 3 years in the early 1980's at Framingham State College and now I would love for my daughters to do the same." Donna

"Sam is looking forward to another great summer with your program." - Nancy

"They were very impressive of everything in the program, they enjoyed every single moment, and they wish to come to join the program next summer. Have a delightful fall and winter. And hope to get in touch with you early 2012" - Pan (host parent for two of our participants from China)

"My daughters Ava and Emily attended program last year again - Loved it" - Kati

"My boys have gone every year since their College Gate® years and they love it and continue to tell more of their friends." - Mary

"My oldest had a great time last summer and I'm sure my daughter will enjoy it too" Gretchen

"Franklin told me he loves this summer program" - Linda

"Both my children enjoyed the summer at College Gate®" - Vivien

"My daughter would love to come back next year!" - Dorota

"My son, Richard Huang, went to the College Academy® summer program this year and he had lots of fun" - Grace

"Once again, my kids had a fabulous time at College Academy® this summer"- Nancy

"Kirish had a great time!!!!! He has already planned what course he needs to take next year!!!! "- Vimali

"Katie had great fun at College Gate® in Winchester" - Shulan

"Louis had a great time and plans to do it again next summer". - Susan

"My son would like to attend College Academy® again.  He has attended the last 2 years and loved it!" - Maureen

"My son is convinced that College Academy® is the Best Summer Program Ever!" - Rosa

"Thank you, they had a great time at College Gate® again this summer." - Anthony

"Thank you! It was a wonderful program. Everyone was so happy." - Min

"Thank you for the excellent program. Both of my daughters really liked it, had lots of fund and learned a lot." - Konstantin

"Jonathan enjoyed College Academy®, specifically Rocketry and Debate." - Paula

"Sarah is loving College Academy®." - Liz

"My daughter had such a great time and cannot wait to go back again next year." - Rick

"Gia had another great time at College Gate® this summer. She really loved it and is so excited to go to College Academy® next summer." - Beth

"My sons just attended College Academy®, this was their second year and (they) both absolutely loved it. They have very different interests but the program offered great courses for each." - Barbara

"Thanks for another fabulous year of College Academy® - it is always the highlight of Ellie's summer!" - Cathy

"College Academy® is Kevin's top choice for the summer." - Ying

"My kids enjoyed the College Academy® program very much, they particularly liked Computer Graphics." - Zingang

"My son really enjoyed your summer program and will be back next year." - Deb

"Thank you for a great experience!" - Jen

"Thanks for a great program this summer! My children are already asking about next summer." - Eileen

"My son and daughter attended your programs and can't wait to go back next year. We are thrilled that our children could take part in this incredible program." - April

"My kids had a blast at the first session (as always)" - Jennifer

"Jake attended the College Academy® program in Winchester, and really enjoyed it." - Sharon

"Michelle had a lot of fun this past summer with College Gate®." - Rose

"Kevin already started to talk about going back next summer to College Academy®." - Ying

"My daughter attended College Academy® last summer, had a great experience and will be returning this summer." - Louise

"Ann enjoyed College Gate® last summer a great deal." - Qian

"Frankie has had 6 great years at College Academy®. He absolutely loved it and learned a lot." - Rosanna

"We attended last year and the kids had a great experience." - Shelia

"My son loved College Gate® summer program" - Sandy

"My two nephews attended your College Academy® and raved about it." - Melinda

"My daughter Jessica was very happy with her experience at College Gate® last summer." - Lisa

"My son Henry had a great time last year, so he’ll be coming again." - Skye

"My daughter attended College Academy® for the first time last summer and really enjoyed it. "- Stacey

"My son, Jake, was a participant at the summer sessions at the college. He enjoyed the experience and is looking forward to returning." - Phil

"Henry attended College Academy® this past summer and LOVED IT. He went with 4 other kids (sic) and really enjoyed it." - Alison

"Michelle had a wonderful time at College Academy® in the summer." - Chenny

"Aaron has happily attended College Academy® the last three years." - Ron

"My 2 kids attended College Academy® last summer and are excited to come back again this summer."- Rula

"My daughter Maura O’Brien attended College Academy® last summer (she loved it!)" - Scott

"Carolyn had a great time at College Gate® in Maynard last year and looks forward to attending again this year." - Sharon

"I have heard rave reviews from parents and am eager to get involved with my son and daughter." - Heather

"Kristof thoroughly enjoyed his experience at CA and would be equally excited to work with CA in a different capacity." - Aniko

"I attended College Academy® from 1981-1985. I made lifetime friends during my summers in Easton." - Cindy

"Brian very much enjoyed the last summer experience at College Gate®." - Jix

"Lily enjoyed the College Gate® program very well and she will like to join it again this summer." - Xia

"My son does enjoy the program very much" - Kam

"I am a former attendee, having participated in the program during the late 70's and early 80's and it is something that has lasted with me and I know my daughter would love it." - Colleen

"My nephew attended last year and loved it. I really want to send my daughter." - Paula

"My son attended College Gate last summer and really would like to participate again this summer!" - Lisa

"What terrific weeks at College Gate" - Jaren

"My sons, Fred and Jeffrey really enjoyed the College Academy® this summer" - Fang

"Our 4 kids and 2 cousins had another fun/educational year at College Gate® and College Academy" - Betty

"I wanted to let you know that the Marine Biology course was amazing. My son came home talking about it every day..." - Karen

"My son is attending his first time and loves it. The staff have been great so far!" - Karen

"My son and daughter attended the College Gate® and College Academy® in Maynard. I want to say it was our first year (for you) and my kids had a great time" - Jeanne

"I wanted to send you an email to let you know how much my kids enjoyed this summer program" - Jason, College Academy

"Our three kids had another awesome year at College Academy®! Thanks for running such an outstanding program" - David

"This is one of the easiest and most pleasurable emails I send every year. Thank you, again, for the College Gate® program in Winchester this summer" - Bob

"Thank you for the wonderful time my kids had this summer attending College Academy® and College Gate®. YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!" - Lana

"My son just finished the first session of College Gate® and is already excited to go back next year!" - Kimberly