Our Staff

Our staff is selected for their experience, enthusiasm, creativity and high energy.

Each of our programs has the following staffing structure:

Certified teachers with at least 15 years experience with College Gate® & College Academy®

Are either certified teachers or experienced practitioners. They come from a broad range of backgrounds and bring unique talents and teaching styles to create a relaxed setting where each student’s experience is exciting and enjoyable.

High school & college age young adults, who support the administrators and instructors and are most often alumni of College Academy®, or have worked at College Gate®

Parents and students arrive at College Gate® & College Academy® with high expectations of experiencing a summer full of unique and exciting challenges in a fun, hands on learning environment. This experience is achieved and occurs through a diverse, project based curriculum developed by each instructor.

The health and safety of those participating in the College Gate® & College Academy® experience is our main concern. For this reason, each aspect of the program has been designed with the student's well being in mind.

Each program Director and Assistant Director is certified in First Aid and CPR.

Background checks are performed on all of our staff including a CORI, SORI and reference verification.

To assist each applicant during the program, students will receive a copy of the program handbook with their schedule.