Sample of Activities

This is a SAMPLE of the courses offered at our program locations.

Please reference your site specific registration for details.

Actors Workshop Using short stories and skits, explore the many aspects of theater as you bring a character(s) to life during your performance.
“ART” Rageous Put on your smock, grab your paintbrush and sculpt clay as you create artistic masterpieces with your imagination and various art media. Unlock your creativity as you explore famous artists.
Build, Build, Build Discover the many exciting aspects of physics as you engineer a variety of super structures using frail and sturdy materials. Explore the architecture of bridges, towers and domes as you learn the principles of strength as you construct a variety of super structures.
College Gate® Detective Gather clues, analyze evidence, solve campus “crimes” as you investigate mysteries and become a “Crime Scene Investigator.”
Crazy Computers Explore a variety of programs and their applications including computer graphics, illustration and elements of the web. Create flyers, menus, Power Point presentations and more.
Creative Confections Have you ever wondered how delicious cupcakes are decorated? Practice with frosting as you learn how to make: flowers, stars, fancy edges and creative confections. Put on your apron and be ready to share your creations with family and friends.
Computer Game Design Become a video game designer as you learn how to program a computer using LOGO and Scratch. Make your own computer video game, write playing instructions and illustrate the cover art.
Dance Studio Dance to upbeat music as you learn a variety of moves, techniques and dances. Learn the dynamics of practicing and preparing for a group production.
It’s “Duct”ie Use America’s favorite fix it...duct tape... to make amazing creations such as bracelets, belts, key rings, flowers, wallets and cases etc. You will explore a variety of “ductivities” - there are endless possibilities.
It’s Electric Unveil the secrets of circuits, current and electric power using batteries, wire, lights and more.
I’ve Got the Music in Me how to play the recorder and read music... Delight family and friends with a concert.
Just Clayin’ Around Using air-dried clay, learn how to become a sculptor. Make and paint many three dimensional art forms.
Movie Makers Create your own videos as you become a movie maker, show producer, videographer and more. Watch out Hollywood here we come!
Magic Carpet Complete your passport as you voyage to destinations around the world. Create artistic masterpieces, play cultural games, explore traditions, enjoy music, foreign language, stories and more.
Marine Biology Immerse yourself in this interactive science experience as you investigate, handle and dissect marine specimen such as starfish, crayfish and squid.
Physics for Kids Explore the fundamental forces of energy, motion, gravity, friction and force. Prepare a variety of interactive experiments to test the elements of physics.
“Pond”tastic Voyage daily to the campus pond to gather water samples, perform experiments and learn about insects, dragonflies, lily pads, frogs and more.
Robotics Construct a variety of moving vehicles and program them for a series of team challenges.
Rocketry Construct & launch your own model rockets while learning about physics and aerodynamics. Count down & blast-off!
Science Discovery Become a chemist, biologist and super scientist as you conduct experiments with solutions, powders, pellets and polymers.
Scrap-A-Doodle-Do Using photos, learn how to paper embellish, crop, layout and create memorable masterpieces as you make a scrapbook. Explore how fancy scissors, paper, stickers and designs can enhance your photos to create lifetime memories.
Super Spanish Through art, music, games and more, explore an introduction to conversational Spanish. Pack your suitcase and “travel” to Spain as you learn how to speak this language and explore the Spanish culture.
Tae Kwon Do Explore Korean culture and language as you learn the exciting martial art of Tae Kwon Do.
Trash to Treasure Discover how to transform “trash” into artistic masterpieces. Use recycled materials to create a variety of projects such as; treasure chests, planters, totem poles, boats, banks, change holders and more.
Tremendous T-Shirts Investigate the art of t-shirt making as you learn how to screen print, silk screen and design new t-shirt creations.
Under The Sea Conduct a series of science experiments and study ocean life through water activities, stories and art. Explore nature’s most valuable resource as you learn about coral reefs, ocean currents, tides and marine life.
Up Up and Away Build, experiment and explore aviation through model planes, kites, gliders, parachutes, paper airplanes, balloons and other flying things.
Woodworkers Put on your tool belt as you measure, saw, drill, sand, hammer, nail, assemble and finish a variety of wooden projects.
Wilderness Explorers Explore the great outdoors as you navigate trails, learn about plants, build a shelter and understand the environment.
Working from SCRATCH Learn how to program a computer using the intuitive computer software - Scratch. Design a series of interactive stories, games and animations.

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