College Gate - Maynard - Course Options

Actors’ Workshop

Using short stories and skits, explore the many aspects of theater as you bring a character(s) to life during your performance.

ART” Rageous

Put on your smock, grab your paintbrush and sculpt clay as you create artistic masterpieces with your imagination and various art media. Unlock your creativity as you explore famous artists

Build, Build, Build

Engineer a variety of super structures using frail and sturdy materials. Explore the architecture of bridges, towers and domes as you learn the principles of strength as you construct a variety of super structures.


Become a chemist when you conduct science experiments with solutions, powders and other simple materials. Get ready to fizz, pop, slime, test and react!

Chess Beginner

This introductory course will allow you to learn how logic, strategy and creative problem solving skills are applied from the opening move to checkmate

Chess Experienced

Continue to develop your knowledge - record your game using notation, solve intermediate problems, evaluate your position mid-game through advanced tactics

Computer Game Design

Become a video game designer as you learn how to program a computer using LOGO and Scratch. Make your own computer video game, write playing instructions and illustrate using cover art

Computer Game Design - Advanced

Build upon your experiences from last summer to create more advanced game designs. Your imagination is your only limit.

Creative Confections

Have you ever wondered how delicious cupcakes in bakeries are decorated? Practice with frosting as you learn how to make: flowers, stars, fancy edges and creative confections. Put on your apron and be ready to share your creations with family and friends.

Dance Studio

Dance to high energy, up beat music as you learn a variety of moves, techniques and dances. Learn the dynamics of practicing and preparing for a group production.

Marine Biology

Immerse yourself in this interactive lab experience as you investigate, handle and dissect marine specimen such as starfish, crayfish and squid

Physics is Fun

Explore the fundamental forces of energy, motion, gravity, friction and force. Prepare a variety of interactive experiments to test the elements of physics


Using the NXT program, your team will construct a variety of vehicles and program them to successfully compete in a series of challenges. Students are expected to work in a cooperative group atmosphere.


Construct & launch your own model rockets while learning about physics and aerodynamics. Count down & blast-off!


Using air-dried clay, learn how to become a sculptor and make many three dimensional art forms.

Super Scientists

Become a chemist, biologist and super scientist as you experiment with solutions, powders, pellets and polymers. Get ready to fizz, pop, slime, test and dissect!

Sculpture with Clay

Using air-dried clay, learn how to become a sculptor. Make and paint many three dimensional art forms.


Put on your tool belt as you measure, saw, drill, sand, hammer, nail, assemble and finish a variety of wooden projects. Create projects such as a toolbox, gumball machine, flag, stepstool and wagon.