College Academy - Stonehill College Session 2 - Course Options

Actors' Workshop

Examine the many aspects of theater: emotions, feelings, character vs. method acting, improvisation, voice projection and poise as you perform before an audience.


Construct your own unique stories and characters using Flash, frame by frame drawn animation, symbol based animation, motion tweens, layers, graphics, shape tweens, scenes, buttons and sounds.

“ART” Rageous

Create many multi-dimensional projects using various art media such as clay, paper, pencils, paint, paper maché, oil pastels, brushes and more. Explore crazy colors and abstract designs to create your own masterpieces.

Broadcast Journalism

Using the school radio station, develop a show to cover sports, comedy, news, entertainment, music and more. You will learn about playlists, commercials and programming all while LIVE on air – WSHL 93.1


In the college lab, grab your safety goggles as you investigate various reactions using solutions, powders and other simple materials. Monitor your actions and reactions as you prepare your next experiment.

Chess Beginner

Learn how logic, strategy and creative problem solving skills are applied from the opening move to checkmate. Become familiar with the culture and history of Chess.

Chess Experienced

Continue to develop your knowledge: record your game using notation, solve intermediate problems, evaluate your position mid-game through advanced tactics.

Creative Confections

Have you ever wondered how delicious cupcakes in bakeries are decorated? Practice with frosting as you learn how to make: flowers, stars, fancy edges and creative confections. Put on your apron and be ready to share your creations with family and friends.

Dance Studio

Dance to high energy, up beat music as you learn a variety of moves, techniques and dances. Learn the dynamics of practicing and preparing for a group production

Digital Design

It’s all just a click away! Create portraits, reverse images, silhouettes, paintery, pop art and more using Photomerge, guided edits, reflection, layer masks, hue effects, retouching, restoration, texture and blending.

Engineers' Workshop

Experiment with a variety of structures; bridges, solar and wind cars. Use your imagination, judgment and reasoning skills to incorporate science and technology.

Fantasy Adventures

Explore the world of Magic Users, Dwarfs and Dragons as you role play various characters through a maze of excitement.

Finding Forensics

Become a CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) as you collect and analyze evidence in a series of mock campus “crimes.” Learn about finger printing, fiber identification, “blood” spatter, footprint impressions and more.

Gone Fishin

Voyage daily to the campus pond and use the outdoors as your classroom. Grab your fishing poles, nets and other equipment to capture, track and experiment with fish, turtles, frogs, insects and other marine life

Graphic Illustrator

With programs such as Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop design graphic elements using creative themes.


Learn how to discover your artistic talents as you draw, sketch and paint with various mixed media. Become an amazing artist while learning line, shadow, shade, perspective, hatching and more.


This introductory course will allow you to explore and navigate the challenges of this computer programming language. Use your newly discovered code to create dynamic web experiences.

Magic: The Card Game Beginner

Learn to defeat your opponent with a variety of tactics in the realm of fantasy while applying critical thinking, logic and strategy. Become familiar with deck building, card values & trades.

Magic: The Card Game Experienced

Develop advanced tactics for multi-player, multi-team & objective based operations.

Marine Biology

Immerse yourself in this interactive lab experience as you investigate, handle and dissect marine specimen such as starfish, crayfish, squid and dogfish.

Mock Trial

Assemble your team to prepare an argument and debate your position before the “judge.” Learn how to organize your strategy to make a persuasive presentation that will support your position.

Olympiad of Science

Engage in a series of hands-on team events in STEM activities as you explore a variety of science concepts in chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering and technology. Sharpen your ability to apply science towards experimental solutions.

Physics Factory

Explore the fundamental forces of energy, motion, gravity, friction and force. Prepare a variety of interactive experiments to test the elements of physics.

Robotics Beginner

Using the EV3 program, your team will construct a variety of vehicles and program them to successfully compete in a series of challenges. Students are expected to work in a cooperative group atmosphere

Robotics Advanced

Using the EV3 and more advanced construction & programming, plan your strategy to conquer a series of progressive team challenges. Students are expected to work in a cooperative group atmosphere

Robotics Tetrix®

Using this advanced platform; engineer, build and write the code to successfully navigate a series of team challenges.

Rocketry Beginner

Build and launch your own model rockets while learning about aerodynamics.

Rocketry Advanced

Expand your knowledge of propulsion, flight and recovery with more advanced models

Rocket Design

Continue to experiment with the forces of flight as you design, build and launch your rockets. Finish each rocket with a customized paint scheme


Use your imagination and develop your art techniques while creating your own works in 3-D using air-dried clay.

Video Production

Learn how to use a script and create a storyboard to shape your own videos, commercials & skits. Once your filming is done, move to post production including editing, background music and voice-over.

Web Design

Learn how to create your own web page using html or Dreamweaver. Enhance your site using Photoshop as you focus on developing a dynamic appearance.

Wilderness Exploration

Introduce yourself to the various aspects of outdoor essentials, adventure planning, survival techniques, navigation, build a shelter and more.


Learn classic yo-yo tricks like “walk the dog” and develop your skills to master complex string tricks like “the Matrix.” Discover the fun of one of the oldest hobbies. A yo-yo will be provided.